Choose Your Drinks Like a Champion

The beverages that your child drinks have an effect on his or her health. Children need plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration and provide nutrients for good health and growth. Having healthy options available before and after being active can help your child choose like a champion!

What are some healthy choices?

Offering your child milk or fortified soy beverage will help your child get enough calcium, Vitamin D and protein to perform like a champion! Water is also an excellent choice when your child is thirsty.

Making it easy!

Making sure that kids have a personal water bottle (for sanitary reasons) when they are playing, involved in sporting activities, in school or traveling can keep them alert, active and hydrated! Did you know that most healthy beverages come in a to-go option? This makes it easier to grab a healthy beverage and get active!

What about sport drinks?

Plain, cool water is the best source of fluid during sports or other activities that last less than one hour. Fluid replacement beverages or sport drinks can be used during intense sports or activities that last more than one hour. Keep in mind that these drinks are high in sugar and shouldn't be offered when your child is not active. Fight dehydration by encouraging your child to drink water before, during, and after sports. Give your child a water bottle to sip from when they are not active. Encourage your children to bring a water bottle to all exercise or sporting activities. Remind them to take a break every 10 to 15 minutes when they're exercising, to drink. Make sure that water is available after games or practices.

Milk or Juice?

Registered Dietitians recommend you serve milk for many reasons:

  • Milk has less sugar than juice
  • Milk has Vitamin D for healthy bones
  • Milk products provide up to 16 essential nutrients